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Hello. I created this page in an effort to raise money and awareness as a personal favor to some friends of mine.  Danielle (Brown) Kraft originally from West Chester and Brian Kraft who both live in Maryland. 

This family is struggling with their one year old son hospitalized and in rehabilitation because of this nasty virus attacking his meninges. He is fighting for his life back, eventually going to have to redo everything he learned in his first year of life. This boy was celebrating his 1st birthday one day and in a coma the next - it can happen to anyone and nearly a month later, he is still barely making any progress. We need to not only be aware of the symptoms and signs, but the severity of the illness and how important it is to cherish each and every day.

My goal is to make this viral in a day - the more likes, the more people know - the more money we raise. He is in rehab for as long as it takes to recover and God only knows what the long-term medical costs could me. Let's raise enough money to host a beautiful benefit and donate the proceeds to this family as well as the Meningitis Research Foundation to help prevent other children from going through this.

I have set up a business charity Pay Pal account, which is secure site dedicated solely to donations and please, anything will help! I am also reaching out to local businesses, as well as corporations. Any and all money raised is going to be sent to the Kraft family. If enough is raised, we will host a benefit and donate everything raised to them as well. 

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact me on my facebook page and I will be in touch. If you have any fundraising ideas, it would be appreciated. 

Please, through all of this, keep a prayer chain for the Kraft family going, as baby Elijah is in need of all the help he can to recover and kick this virus' butt!

The Proceeds raised are going to be donated mostly to the Kraft family to pay the medical bills, assist in treatments, supplies and any other costs incurred in Elijah's recovery.  

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Menangitis Research Foundation at the St. Jude's Hospital.  

Thank you again!